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#1. How to apply to Illuma Management?

To apply to be a model or influencer with Illuma Management please fill out the corresponding form below. In these forms we ask for contact information, your interest in modelling, if you have experience and for a few photos. The photos you submit do NOT have to be professional images, we just ask that we are able to clearly see you!

Apply Now:

Model Application Form

Influencer Application Form

#2. What is the application process?

Once we receive your application, we will review your photos and responses as a team. It is important to note that we aren’t always actively accepting new models as we are a small team and want to give our focus and attention to our models. However if you apply and you don’t hear back from us right away – don’t worry we will review your application when we are accepting models again! This process can take a few days, weeks or months depending on the situation.

Once we review the application and decide we would like to move forward with you, we will reach out via e-mail with information to schedule a zoom call. This zoom call is to introduce ourselves, get to know each other and answer any questions you may have!

#3. What does it mean to be a model with Illuma Management?

Illuma Management is a modelling and creative agency based in Ottawa. Unlike other agencies in the area, we have no height or weight requirements and we equally consider every single application sent to us. Our goal is to create a professional, inclusive community and to eliminate as much toxicity in the creative industry as possible – while helping Canadian brands grow and create their dream content. As a model, we will be connecting you with local photographers and businesses for both paid as well as collaborative opportunities.

#4. Do I need to have modelling experience to be considered with Illuma?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Although previous experience is an asset it is not required. We also have plans to launch resources to help those of you who are just starting out in the industry.

#5. Are there any height and weight requirements to be signed with Illuma?

NO! There are no height and weight requirements at Illuma Management. We are a diverse and inclusive agency – we represent models of all sizes, heights, races, and genders! Our goal is to set an example for other agencies when it comes to model inclusivity and diversity.

#6. Is there a fee for signing with Illuma Management?

Yes there is a small fee of $25/year, this covers administration fees, website fees, and promotional fees.

#7. What do you look for when signing a model?

When you apply to Illuma Management we consider many factors, including comfort level in front of the camera, if you have an interest in the industry or other areas of the industry, if you have the motivation and desire to learn and grow within the modelling and creative industries, if your flexible in the type of work you’d want to do, and if we see potential opportunities for you.

#8. What type of bookings would I be getting?

This will vary from model to model, when we meet with you we discuss your interests and what type of work you want to get into. With that information we try to create a portfolio for you that reflects that type of work. We also give our guidance and opinions on where we see your potential to help you gain more opportunities in said market.

#9. What is the time commitment with modelling?

There is no required time commitment, you are always able to decide what opportunities you would like to be submitted to when we present them to you.

#10. Will I receive a contract?

For yours and our safety, we will be sending out contracts to all of our models and influencers. We will be more than happy to go through each aspect of the contract with you to make sure you’re comfortable with it, and to answer any questions that you may have.


Model Application Form

Influencer Application Form

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